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When choosing the right technology partner to manage your cloud infrastructure you want the best. What better proof than seeing customer feedbacks.

Shaping a secure cloud world

A collaborative working model with partners contributing for a better cloud future.

What is Postgresql? and Why?

PostgreSQL database uses a client-server model where the client process and the server process can reside on different hosts in a networked environment. The server side  program manages the database files, accepts connections to the database from the client side applications.

Climbing over firewalld theoretically

Firewall is a tool that filters network traffic based on defined rules. It blocks transferring of data packets through it if different parameters of data packets such as source , port etc do not fulfil the predefined conditions.

How a pod in Kubernetes get created

Nowadays we hear a lot about kubernetes. Kubernetes has become a buzz word in the world of devops. It seems like everyone is interested in it. In every single online resource you will find a lot of things about kubernetes.

Choosing a Kubernetes cluster and determining its size

For automating software deployment, scalability, and management, there is a system called Kubernetes, which is open-source. Kubernetes was first created by Google, but the Cloud Native Computing Organization now looks after the project.

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